Simon Says – Episode One with Freshly’s Ed Walloga

by | Jan 7, 2020

Welcome to Simon Says, a podcast about the future of marketing and customer experience. Simon Data Co-Founder & President Josh Neckes sits down with marketers from some of the world’s leading brands to discuss big trends in modern marketing, as well as the strategies to build and refine great customer journeys. 

This week on Simon Says, Josh sits down with Ed Walloga, VP Customer Lifecycle and CRM at Freshly. Ed’s career has seen him move through businesses as diverse as Columbia House, Audible, and most recently the health-obsessed world of Freshly’s meal delivery service. Along the way he’s witnessed the evolution of e-commerce from its fledgling efforts to today’s sophisticated data-driven campaigns.

You’ll learn:

– Strategies for building superior, personalized customer lifecycles

– Modern approaches to detect customer intent throughout the lifecycle – even when there are data gaps

– How to build a great marketing tech stack – and pitfalls to avoid

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