Personalization Campaign Template

Building a customer-centric personalization strategy begins with obtaining a deep understanding of the different consumers interacting with your brand, and identifying how and why they differ.

There are reasons why some people take one action, and others don’t. Your job is to uncover why those differences exist. By doing so, you can use those insights to create relevant, personalized experiences that provide value to those segments and drive the action you want them to take.

Here’s a template we put together to show how we approach the task of ideating personalization campaigns, and an example of it in action. Download the template to get started designing winning, customer-centric personalized experiences.

P.S. This template is part of our new e-book: Segmentation in 2023: Strategies, Tips, & Tools. To learn more about how to define your key customer segments and how to make the best use of your customer data for personalization, download the full e-book here.

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