Marketing Campaigns we’re Admiring this Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s almost Valentine’s Day again, how prepared are you?

Here we go. You’re trying to figure out how to reach people during a time when audiences are a total toss-up. Some people love Valentine’s Day; some have high expectations of their partners; some prefer Galentine’s Day; and for some, it’s a sensitive time. 

As a marketer, this may be one of the most complicated holidays to master. It’s not a predictable celebration like the Super Bowl, where people eat wings and drink beer and hang with their friends. There’s no “right” way to celebrate: pajamas and wine are great, a date night also works, and for some, doing nothing is the best way to go. So how do you know which direction to take? 

You use data, of course! First and zero-party data can be crucial here in driving personalized campaigns. By relying on data that has been collected from consumers and their actions on your platforms, you’re getting a sneak peek into their preferences—more on how to best organize your data after we show you a few examples.

We <3 these activations – here’s why:

We’ve already started to see a few client campaigns that we have heart eyes for. We hope this gives you some inspiration and pointers on ways to market to your audiences.

1. Don’t use exclusionary language.

We adore this example from jetBlue. The subject line doesn’t mention Valentine’s Day, which means it isn’t alienating those who might not want to celebrate. In the actual email, the language is cheeky, but more importantly, it fits the theme while staying vague enough. You can travel with your family who you love, but a romantic getaway with a plus one is just as great.

They also sent this out before February started, ensuring they were ahead of the game.

2. Don’t forget your favorite Valentine!

It’s you! It’s easy to get swept away in the madness of buying gifts for everyone else you love – nieces, puppy, parents, siblings, significant other, etc. and planning out special celebrations. This text made me stop in my tracks. It reminds buyers that being selfish this month is okay! Add something to your cart for you too. 

3. Create an exclusive coupon code for subscribers

Amazing creativity by Boisson here– they honed in on their red and rosé wines and are offering subscribers 10% off on those specific products for the entire month of February. This extended window to use the coupon is a great reminder that libations are always a good idea.

4. Or, even better, double their cart… for free!

Who doesn’t want to spoil their fluffy Valentines? As mentioned, I will be. BarkBox has an offer running that allows new subscribers to get two times the toys when they subscribe. The pups in the campaign are super adorable, and the offer is irresistible. 

Their Instagram story links directly to the promotion making it simple for those interested to have a seamless experience.

5. Remind followers to drop a hint

People can be forgetful. We all have a lot going on – especially as marketers. Lunya is making it easier than ever for their followers to let partners know what they want this Valentine’s Day. Another helpful tidbit they shared on their Instagram stories is shipping “due” dates. It’s yet another reminder to procrastinators of when the latest possible order they can place to avoid sleeping on the couch.

6. Promote on-theme products

Baublebar is incredible at getting creative for holidays. Hearts are easy to include in jewelry, but even for Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and the Fourth of July, they create and feature holiday-specific products that consumers won’t want to be seen without. It helps that their products are also affordable (and cute!).

Never Settle

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other day, personalized and powerful customer experiences are now expected by consumers. 

Once you master the creativity piece of marketing campaigns – which these brands all clearly have – you’ll find even more success in personalization. As mentioned, first and zero-party data collection is crucial to executing targeted campaigns. 

However, not only do messages to consumers need to be relevant and timely, but they should also be delivered in a respectful cadence. To know what this optimal outreach frequency looks like, marketing teams need a complete view of their customers across all touchpoints. This is no easy task, as marketing data is historically incredibly siloed. 

Cloud Data Warehouses help centralize data in one spot, allowing for every customer touchpoint to sit in a centralized, secure, easy-to-use, and flexible platform. Pair this with a Customer Data Platform, and you’ve found the perfect match. Simon Activate allows marketers to execute data-driven testing, targeting, and measurement, making campaigns like the above feel incredibly tailored to both potential and current buyers. 

Looking to launch marketing campaigns that your customers love? Reach out soon before the next wave of holidays (cough, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day), so you too can have eye-catching personalized campaigns.

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