Managing through Disruption

The past few weeks have been marked by abrupt change and uncertainty. As a result, many companies are pivoting to a fully remote workforce for the first time.

Managing a team through periods of disruption is no easy task. At Simon Data we support a remote team of 45—and have for half a decade—and want to arm you with the tools to best manage and engage your teams through shifts in business operations.

Last week, Mary Ferguson, Simon Data’s VP of Engineering, and Whitney Hudson, Simon Data’s Director of Client Development, sat down for an honest conversation about the challenges and opportunities of remote work and management.

Listen in on their candid Q&A discussion to learn:

  • Best practices for fostering an effective remote culture
  • How to address the mental and physical health of your team
  • Tips on ensuring camaraderie, social interaction, and teamwork
  • How to prioritize tasks and projects during disruption


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