Identity+: Making Identity Resolution Accessible to Marketers

Bombas and other clients are seeing 7x+ ROI within days of implementation.

Today we’re introducing Identity+ which enables marketers to increase the real-time identification rate of their e-commerce traffic and fully understand their first-party customer data to build more complete customer profiles. It works by matching rich personalized customer data to an existing customer profile, without the need for them to be logged in, even in the absence of third-party browser cookies. 

With Google’s planned 2023 depreciation of third-party cookies in the Chrome browser, a tool like Identity+ will be invaluable to marketers as it allows them to unlock next-generation third-party data and device graphs enabling them to solve the classic ‘who actually are my customers’ question. Clients who have activated Identity+ have seen instant digital revenue lift from the increased scale of behaviorally triggered messages, richer real-time personalization, and greater collection of first-party data

“Simon Data has always been purpose-built for enhancing the ROI of first-party data,” said Jason Davis, CEO, and co-founder of Simon Data. “Identity+ demonstrates the potential of this by leveraging next-generation machine learning and an emerging world of third-party data to enhance the data quality in our core platform.” 

The Unique Identity Resolution Offering from Simon Data

Before, using identity resolution data for MarTech use cases was a notoriously difficult task for marketers to undertake. It typically requires excessive customer integration work and support from data and engineering teams and as a result, rarely happens. Since Identity+ is natively integrated with our CDP and, as such, utilizes Simon Journeys, making the data very accessible and approachable for non-technical marketers. The Simon CDP also has a much higher identity match rate and is based on a broader population than many of its competitors. 

E-commerce marketers already struggle with recognizing customers who do not log in to make a purchase, and that will only get harder as third-party cookies phase out in 2023. Identity+ relies on a rich and emerging category of third-party data sets and device graphs that work without relying on third-party browser cookies.

How Bombas Targets Customers Using Simon Identity+

Cart and browse abandonment emails are among the highest converting but lowest volume campaigns available to marketers since so many users who opt in should be eligible for the emails but do not appear as recognizable. Leading e-commerce brand Bombas used Identity+ to dramatically increase their send volume in an effort to leave less of that money on the table, and make this cost-effective channel a bigger part of their remarketing strategy. Choosing Simon Identity+ helps them increase their targetable audience, boost abandonment campaigns, and hit more critical points in their user lifecycle. Within four days of implementing Identity+ Bombas saw a 7.2x ROI. 

“It’s not often that we introduce a technology to our marketing stack that delivers results overnight,” said Kate Huyett, Chief Customer Officer at Bombas. “With Identity+, we were able to take high-converting campaigns that we already had running and dramatically scale their reach, with a clear impact on top-line revenue.”

Why Today’s Marketer Needs Identity+

By identifying more users and their online behaviors, marketers can also reduce email unsubscribes and increase customer satisfaction. Using third-party metadata marketers may not have had before, Simon Identity+ enhances customer unification capabilities and allows for increased personalization in outreach across channels. 

Identity+ is powered by a combination of our exceptional core identity capabilities and enhanced by best-in-class partners like FullContact in the rapidly changing identity space.  By opening Simon’s ecosystem to identity providers like FullContact, unifying the view of a customer becomes simpler than ever before. Simon Data is able to amplify its match rates because of its already existing unified first-party data repository. Because this is an out-of-the-box offering where marketers have the ability to act on this enhanced data, identity resolution is more approachable for marketers and direct-to-consumer brands.

Identity+ improves overall marketing ROI by securing more remarketing conversions via owned channels like email and SMS instead of relying on Google or Facebook retargeting, which can be expensive. Ultimately, using Identity+ cross-channel offers stronger customer loyalty and increased engagement.

Simon Data is already implementing Identity+ with other leading brands in retail, e-commerce, and travel, positively impacting customer engagement and revenue as it rapidly has with Bombas. As the CDP space has evolved, Simon Data has stood out by unlocking the value of data and enabling marketing teams to create great customer experiences. While the identity landscape evolves and third-party data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning opportunities progress, Simon will continue investing heavily in these offerings.

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