Lessons Learned from BARK’s SVP of Data around How to Maximize Machine Learning Impact

Like it or not, ChatGPT is the talk of the town – well, the world – right now. Everyone is saying that it’s going to change the game for brands all over the globe.

Ever since its launch, it’s been showing millions of people around the world how the future could look. And, truth be told, it’s exciting!

AI and machine learning could change everything for organizations everywhere. To discuss this, we’ve invited someone who’s been studying machine learning and keeping up with the trends on this week’s podcast.

In this episode of Data Unlocked, Jason sits down with Olly Downs, the SVP of Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning at BARK.

Prior to this, Olly held positions in big name companies, such as Zulily, Zillow Group, AdReady, and Microsoft Research.

Today, he leads BARK’s Data, Analytics and Machine Learning initiatives in order to enable quality data-driven decisions for the company.

BARK launched in 2012 with BarkBox, a monthly themed subscription of all-natural treats and toys for dogs. Today, they reach over 1.8 million dogs every month. And their goal is to “make dogs as happy as they make people.”

In this episode, Olly and Jason discuss machine learning and how it’s helping BARK learn more about their customers, the algorithmic work within the realms of data science, how to apply AI for marketing purposes, and more.

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