Is Snowflake Killing the CDP?

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about packaged vs composable customer data platforms (CDPs), starting with Arpit Choudhury, founder of Data Beats and astorik, explaining the two approaches in an article here, and continuing with Michael Katz, CEO and Co-founder of mParticle, who argues here that the dichotomy between packaged and composable CDPs may be false.

Others in the space are questioning what exactly a CDP is, and whether a CDP is right for them. And part of that stems from the disruption of cloud data warehouses, like Snowflake.

So we posed a question: Is Snowflake killing the CDP? 

To discuss this conundrum between packaged and composable CDPs and how the cloud data warehouse has changed what it means to own and activate your customer data, we invited Arpit and Michael, along with Luke Ambrosetti from Snowflake, and our very own Jason Davis, CEO and Co-founder of Simon Data for a quick chat. 

Watch the previously live video for a discussion on:

  • What a CDP is?
  • What is a packaged vs composable approach?
  • What are the major considerations when choosing a CDP?
  • Is Snowflake really killing the CDP? Or can the two applications play nicely?


Is Snowflake killing the CDP? from Simon Data on Vimeo.

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