Introducing Transform by Simon Data

Personalized omnichannel experiences are table stakes for today’s digitally progressive customers. From Netflix queues to Spotify playlists to the retail floor, consumers experience countless daily interactions that are customized to their needs and preferences.

Brands that can’t keep up risk being left behind and the consequences can be dire. But providing that level of consistency can be a major challenge. That’s why we’re excited to announce Transform by Simon Data, our invite-only program aimed at helping business leaders meet this challenge by unlocking Simon’s industry-leading methods that extend beyond technology into the organizational and cultural shifts needed for delivering truly differentiated experiences.

Lead by Head of Transformation, Richard Demato who joined the company in July 2019, Transform by Simon Data will come to life through custom workshops, deep-dive retreats, and access to a curated community of cutting-edge executives from businesses such as WeWork, T-Mobile, and others. The Transform program will enable business leaders to reconceive every facet of their organization’s marketing efforts, from strategy, data, and technology to teams, and processes.

Transform by Simon Data Participants Will Learn Five Key Skills

1.) Designing a true omnichannel experience strategy 2.) Architecting a data ecosystem that integrates all sources 3.) Selecting technology solutions that flex as you grow 4.) Orchestrating personalized messaging across all channels 5.) Deploying AI/Predictive for experimentation and optimization 6.) Implementing the agile operating model of the future

This week we’re offering a sneak peek at Transform by Simon Data at WORLDZ, where we’ll bring together some of the industry’s most creative marketing and brand leaders to discuss how their organizations can best meet the challenges of the current digital epoch.

Together we’ll explore ways to effect intentional transformation within a business to capture new opportunities and satisfy the needs of today’s digital progressives. As a global gathering of business and culture leaders, WORLDZ offers the perfect environment to introduce Transform to the world.

Visit our site to learn more about Transform by Simon Data.

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