How to work effectively with your data teams with Nick Schrock, founder and CTO of Dagster Labs

The most successful brands in the world are the ones who have mastered the art of efficient cross-collaboration.

When your data and marketing teams know and understand how to work together, then your overall data strategy (and as a result, your marketing strategy) will show great results. 

But, what does efficient collaboration mean exactly?

This is one of the many questions we answer today.

In this week’s episode of Data Unlocked, Jason sits down with Nick Schrock, the founder and CTO of Dagster Labs.

With years of experience in the engineering space, Nick has worked for some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Care Evolution.

In 2018, Nick left all of that behind to found his own company, Dagster Labs, where he is also CTO.

Dagster Labs is a data orchestration platform built for productivity. Dagster, their open-source product, is primarily used by data engineering teams to make sure from a marketing and business stakeholder context that data is properly transformed.

On Data Unlocked, we’ve brought in a lot of marketers to talk about their relationship with data teams and how they drive that relationship. But in this episode, Nick and Jason will be discussing that relationship from the other side of the house. Together, they’ll be answering three main questions: 

  1. Are you working effectively with your data teams?
  2. What does great collaboration look like?
  3. And what steps do you need to take to make cross-functional collaboration as effective as possible?

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in.

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