How to build a CDP strategy and ensure your technology investments are positioned to transform your business with Aric Zion, CEO of Zion & Zion

Good data has the potential to be a company’s greatest asset. This is why so many organizations have turned to tools like Cloud Data Warehouses and Customer Data Platforms to ensure organizations have the ability to collect, access and deploy data within their organizations.  

But of course, if your efforts start and end with purchasing new technology, well you’re missing the point. And therefore, missing out on all the value your data could be offering you.

This is where a good CDP strategy comes into play. 

You see, implementing a CDP requires way more work than just selecting  software. It’s a collaboration between people, processes, and technology. And, if done right, that collaboration can have excellent results.

This is exactly what we discuss in today’s episode.

In this week’s episode of Data Unlocked, Jason sits down with Aric Zion, CEO of Zion & Zion.

Aric is an entrepreneur with decades of experience in the marketing field. He has several international experiences, including positions with Intergraph, where he was based in The Netherlands, and additional assignments with Nortel Networks where he was based in Tokyo, then London.

Today, he is at the head of Zion & Zion.

Zion & Zion is a full-service agency with a fully-staffed CDP practice. They pride themselves on meeting their clients at what they refer to as “the intersection of strategy and creativity.” Some of their biggest clients include Sun Health, Goodwill Industries, and Walmart.

In this episode, Aric and Jason discuss Zion & Zion’s work, how CDPs can transform businesses, the key dimensions required to build an effective CDP strategy, and more.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

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