Driving Growth via Collaboration of Marketing and Engineering Teams w/ Ron Smith, CTO of Beyond Finance

Are your marketing and engineering teams driving growth for your business?

One of the many challenges with most applications today is that they require back and forth with the engineering to get the correct data before establishing any marketing workflow.

Beyond Finance hit that same roadblock before they signed up with Simon Data.

So, the big question for today’s episode is how do you empower your marketing and engineering teams and how might they work together more smoothly?

This is what Ron Smith of Beyond Finance and our very own Jason Davis discuss today.

For those who don’t know Ron Smith, here’s a quick introduction:

Ron Smith had been in the Financial Technology (FinTech)  industry for about ten or eleven years, and he joined Beyond Finance as a CTO about two and a half years ago. 

Beyond Finance is a financial services company that uses extensive market research to provide customized products for its clients.

Today, Ron is here to discuss the marketing strategy that differentiates Beyond Finance in the market and how empowering its marketing and engineering teams through collaboration helped speed up its business growth in the last few years.

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