Webinar: Crisis as Catalyst

Brands turning fallout into fertile ground through accelerated digital transformation

Surviving this pandemic-driven recession will require more than mere adaptation. It will depend on real transformation across your brand, operations, and strategy.

Watch our “Crisis as Catalyst” webinar on-demand and be inspired by stories of the companies tackling these three types of transformation right now. This conversation was hosted by Matt Butlein, SVP of Growth, and Brian Thompson, VP of Strategic Initiatives for Simon.

You’ll hear inspiring brand stories, but also learn the actionable steps you can take to meet the challenge of undergoing:

  • Brand transformation – Immediate shift toward/escalation of experience-centric, relationship-building engagement
  • Operational transformation – Embracing new ways of working, realizing efficiencies
  • Strategic transformation – Nimbly shifting priorities to align short-term needs with evolving long-term scenarios

Watch our webinar

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