Mastering Personalized Marketing Case Study | Tripadvisor + Simon Data

Before Simon + Snowflake, Tripadvisor’s marketing was hindered by slow campaign deployment for a few reasons. A few examples are poor customer data management, a bulky ML approach, and inefficient cross-team collaboration. Changing privacy regulations, evolving consumer needs, and increased competition has forced rapid transformation.

With Snowflake and Simon’s cross-channel integration, Tripadvisor’s marketing team:

  • Personalize user experiences via the 360 customer view  
  • Automate campaigns based on historical and real-time behavior
  • Segment audiences using ML and rich member data to personalize messaging
  • Deliver integrated multichannel marketing campaigns

Download this personalized marketing case study to learn how Tripadvisor was able to utilize Simon Data to speed up campaign deployment by 80%, free up its data team, and achieve personalization and advanced segmentation at scale.

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