ASOS Generates $77.5MM in Incremental Revenue with Simon

Cross-Channel Marketing

ASOS is an e-commerce fashion and cosmetics retailer that primarily serves young adults and millennials (ages 16-34). To grow their business with this demographic, which highly values the customer experience, ASOS needed its marketing program to reach shoppers with personalized content, coordinate across every channel, and maintained consistency across the entire customer journey.

To achieve this, ASOS knew they needed a platform that would allow them to harness all of their data to create a single view of each customer and use this to power a superior customer experience. Working together with Simon Data, ASOS was able to:

  • Build cohesive multi-channel marketing experiences for their customers
  • Improve 1:1 personalization in marketing content across platforms
  • Employ advanced experimentation for cross-channel and customer-based testing that shows real campaign lift

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