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Simon's technology enables unprecedented performance and coordination across the full range of data-driven marketing activities.

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Core Data Ingestion

Simon integrates with your first and third party data providers to provide one unified view of your customers. This includes direct integration with any SQL-based data warehouse as well as third party providers spanning web & mobile analytics, customer support portals, transactional data, and survey data. Additionally, Simon allows for multi-key user identities that can represent customers based on database identifiers such as email or customer handles, or anonymous means including cookies or device IDs.

Personalization Engine

Simon provides an interactive, low-latency platform for exploring and defining customer segments across revenue, behavioral, and customer support contexts. Unifying this data in a central repository allows exploration across the full customer lifecycle regardless of which services may be required to identify customers at each stage.

Multichannel Automations

Simon’s core function lies in the ongoing maintenance and materialization of segment membership within defined marketing channels. As Simon ingests data from its input sources, segment definitions are updated internally and then updated in relevant marketing channels. Simon supports multi-channel marketing across multiple categories including email, ads, push notifications, direct mail, and SMS.

Advanced Experimentation Support

Simon supports full experimentation capabilities – with optional machine learning optimization – in segment export, including both split tests and holdout tests. A split test will export the segment as two or more lists in marketing channels; holdout tests will automatically suppress part of the list in channel.

Cohort-Based Funnel Analysis

Once deployed, Simon measures downstream performance of the campaign. Simon supports various goal types, including general goals such as overall revenue or more specific goals such as specific conversion events. Simon tracks campaigns longitudinally over arbitrary time windows; if holdout testing is configured, goals are reported relative to the holdout group.

Predictive Algorithms

Simon has a best-in-class AI-powered marketing solution that includes predictive segmentation, campaign optimization and more. By dynamically joining on-site, in-app, and multi-source core customer data, Simon's predictive optimizations are able to draw from the richest data-set on the market. These optimizations drive significant revenue for Simon Data's customers across all lifecycle campaigns.

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