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Unlock Your Data with Zero-ETL

Built on Snowflake architecture, Simon's next gen customer data platform is the fastest and easiest way to put a true Customer 360 in your marketing team's hands.

Trusted by current and future Fortune 500 brands

Simple enough for marketers, powerful enough for data teams

Built on Snowflake Architecture

Intuitive, flexible, and powerful low code UI

Out-of-the box identity and data modeling

Transform your data warehouse into a marketing powerhouse

Natively integrates to your CDW via proprietary zero-ETL technology

Enables marketing teams with instant access to the data they need without SQL

Organizes your data from every source into a single customer profile without engineering resources

Simon Activate

Build audiences with access to all of your data without relying on data, BI or engineering teams

Unify customer data from your cloud data warehouse and all other sources

Create sophisticated audiences in minutes without code or SQL

Sync audiences to marketing and ad platforms in real-time

Simon Engage

Create fully automated customer journeys that convert, across every channel, in minutes

Real-time multichannel marketing personalization managed by a single platform

Automated marketing orchestration across channels with a drag & drop journey builder

Advanced multivariate testing at any branch of the customer journey to maximize performance

Enrichment Modules

Native solutions to supercharge
Activate and Engage


Find and match contacts with multiple email addresses and get incremental new identifiers (hashed emails and mobile ad IDs) to improve ad platform match rates


Identify anonymous traffic back to existing customer profiles to scale triggered messaging and 1-to-1 personalization

Simon Predict

Out-of-the-box ML & AI powered propensity, churn, and affinity models

Data Shares

Sync segmentation, reporting, and engagement data back to your warehouse and other data sources in real-time

Designed to reduce CAC, increase LTV, and hit growth targets

Optimize paid media performance

Create better lookalikes, automate campaign targeting, and suppress users in real-time for more efficient campaigns

Drive higher value repeat purchases

Build more targeted audiences, dynamically personalized content, and improve campaign relevance to retain, reactivate, and upsell customers

The power really comes from the simple fact that Simon sits on top of our Redshift warehouse and has access to ALL of our data, not just Shopify data or on-site behavior-based data, to drive very specific marketing automation flows to email, SMS, and more.

Brendan Hastings, SVP of Engineering and Digital Product, Thinx

Simon helps us simplify the data stemming from over 30 million users into actionable segments and automations. I love how they handle our data, allow us to easily work with top tier marketing tools, and drive revenue for Vivino.

Brant Cebulla, Senior Director of CRM, Vivino

Simon effectively enabled us to three-fold our campaign volume during the holidays while maintaining a high resolution of message targeting.

Frances Comey, Retention Marketing Manager, BarkBox

Turn Your Customer Data Into Revenue


increase in email revenue


better ROAS


engineering hours saved per month

Integrate with 70+ of the most popular data and marketing tools

Top Rated by Customers, Analysts and Professionals

Snowflake "Modern Marketing Data Stack" Leader in Activation

8-time CDP Leader with Over 130 5-Star Reviews

Builtin NYC Top Place to Work in 2023

Recognized as a Gartner "Cool Vendor" to Watch

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